Built to a major label standard

Our layouts are crafted with extensive research and strategy, designed to give you a product on-par with the world’s top artists.


Concise | Clean | Modern | Photogenic

The Atlas layout combines modern, clean design with dynamic full-width images. Available in dark and light mode, Atlas provides great bones that will translate to a variety of looks.

  • Dynamic Full-Width Images
  • Clean, Modern Design
  • Video Background
  • Links to Socials and Streaming


Bold | Dark Mode| Innovative | Distinct

The Beckham layout also provides both dark and light mode versions. Beckham is for a band or artist looking for an edge.

  • Dark Mode Option
  • Video Background
  • Displays Your Instagram Feed
  • Transparent Menu
  • Links to Your Third Party Merch Store


Daring | Dynamic | Modern | Imaginative

The Skyler layout provides a clean design. Skyler is for a band or artist looking to make a bold statement.

  • Optional Gradient background
  • Transparent Menu
  • Displays Your Instagram Feed


Timeless | Classy | Inspiring | Cheerful

The Lennon layout combines a sophisticated and timeless design. Lennon is perfect for the band or artist wanting a clean and classic website.

  • Video Section
  • Highlights Link to Your Third Party Merch Store
  • Displays Your Instagram Feed