We understand the music industry.

Located in Nashville, TN

We’re a team of creatives who are passionate about quality design and excellent customer service. While we are web-designers through and through, we happen to have deep ties to the music industry. Words like “DSP’s”, “Distributors”, and “PRO’s” aren’t a foreign language to us. 

We partner with artists who are committed to their craft and assist them in advancing towards their goals through a simple, done-for-you web design process. 

Designed and Built to a Major-Label Standard

All bandsites are expertly crafted and include the following features:


Personalized Design

We’ll strategically place your logo, font, colors, and images to create a website that looks unique to you and your brand.


Each Bandsites layout is crafted for desktop, tablet, and mobile. Your website will function flawlessly on any screen.



Never think about DNS, C-panels, servers, or renewals again. Your website comes with free premium hosting and we’ll handle it all for you.


Safe + Secure

Your website comes with a free care plan to ensure your site is always protected, backed-up, and secure.

Beautiful Layouts

Select one of our multiple professionally designed layouts, crafted specifically for bands and artists based on latest industry standards.

Email Capture

Grow your fan and mailing list with email capture services on your website.

Content Updates

Never log into your website again. We’ll handle all the content updates for you based on your pricing package.

Third-Party Integrations

Bandsites theme sites support integration of Spotify, Apple Music, Bandsintown, Youtube, Vimeo, MailChimp, and more.

Hi, I’m Leah.

Owner & founder of bandsites. My husband is a producer / songwriter and his studio right across the yard from our home, so I hear songs as they are being created every day. If I’m feeling extra nice and have a few minutes to spare between websites, I’ll even make espressos for a songwriting session.

I started bandsites to provide music makers with a high-quality, stress-free website solution after first seeing the need in my circle. I’m personally friends with countless bands, artists, songwriters, producers, managers, and record label employees. Simply put, you’re my kind of people, and I understand the unique journey you are on.